The Pentobarbital ExperimentHere are our current actions.

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  • SIGN & SHARE our petition to address the ethical issue of supplying drugs for executions

Information and link to petition can be found HERE 

  • TAKE ACTION with ReprieveUK

Information and useful links can be found HERE

  • SUBMIT this petition to medical practitioners in the US and Europe

Information and link to petition can be found HERE

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Remember that there are many ways to communicate the urgency of the situation while remaining polite and positive. With the right words, you can convince pharmaceutical companies to do the right thing.

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9 responses to “ACT NOW!

  • regina guidry

    Dear Mr. Windberg,

    i am very concerend about the involvement ofyour company in supplying the drug Pentobarbital X to be used in Texas executions. I have studied the way in which the death penalty is being applied in the USA and have come to the conclusion that it is NOT a just punishment, but plagued by racism, prejudice and dependant on economic status of both offender and victim, to name a few.
    Besides, i find it very sad, myself being European and holding myself to a higher moral standard, that your company is involved in enabeling state-sponsored murder. I would like to see you stop the export of the above mentioned drug to Texas and any other state immediately.
    Respectfully submitted,
    Regina Guidry

  • claudia

    Regina, If you don;t mind…I have used your excellent words to sent an email to the Danish Embassy in the Netherlands.

  • Danish company Lundbeck takes an active and dedicated part in executions of human beings. « Leoniefennell's Blog

    [...] give in to Lundbeck’s induced sleep, continue to ACT NOW until this shameful trade is definitely and finally [...]

  • Melanie Krötz

    I have just sent this message to Mr. Wiinberg, in case someone needs some inspiration, ;-)

    Dear Mr. Wiinberg,

    i am writing to you from Germany, because I am very concerned about your company’s involvement in supplying the drug Pentobarbital to be used in executions in the United States.

    I find it very sad, that the product of a European company is used for state-sanctioned murder, since that is a concept that our countries have luckily long overcome.
    I know that you and your company are dedicated to saving lifes, not to end them and I do understand that you are in a tough position, since there seems to be a need for Pentobarbital in the treatment of epileptic patients.
    However, I would like to see you do everything in your power to stop your product being used to kill people.

    The German minister Philipp Roesler has recently been asked by the US Government to allow exports of the execution drug sodium thiopental – he refused and says he intends to block any such attempts in the future.

    We as Europeans cannot be accomplices in the execution of prisoners!

    With best regards from Germany
    Melanie Kroetz

  • Karlina Maria Wiederhold

    One of the headline on todays danish newspaper BERLINGSKE sais Lundbeck now blocks for executions!!! I am eased here in the north of DK !!

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