Lundbeck’s Pentobarbital kills its 20th patient in Arizona on July 19, 2011

July 19, 2011 - Lundbeck Executes 20
July 19, 2011 – Lundbeck Executes 20

Lundbeck‘s Pentobarbital kills its 20th patient in Arizona on July 19, 2011.

Thomas West was strapped to a gurney, a catheter was inserted in his arm as well as a femoral line, just in case… and Lundbeck got the life of another American patient, with many more to come.

If Lundbeck did not realize the irreversible consequences of its adamantly slow reaction to the misuse of its products, it surely does by now. And what about suing the DOCs that have acquired doses of pentobarbital if executions are so upsetting to Lundbeck’s corporate image?

Lundbeck will even get a souvenir from Andrew DeYoung’s execution in Georgia as judge Lane has ordered for the execution to be videotaped.

Lundbeck is now responsible for 20 of the 28 executions carried out so far in the United States since December 2010.

Three more patients await Lundbeck’s treatment between now and the end of July 2011:

Mark Stroman, Texas, July 20, 2011
Andrew Grant DeYoung, Georgia, July 20, 2011
(execution to be carried out between the 20th and 27th)
Robert Jackson III, Delaware, July 29, 2011

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About The Pentobarbital Experiment

"Lundbeck is a global pharmaceutical company engaged in the research and development, production, marketing and sale of drugs for treatment of psychiatric and neurological disorders." As the sole supplier of Pentobarbital to US departments of corrections, Danish company Lundbeck took an active and dedicated part in the executions of human beings. This is a clear violation of its ethical obligations as a European pharmaceutical laboratory. Its manufacturing plant for Pentobarbital is based in Kansas, USA. Here is the full story: the facts and the numbers brought to you by European activists dedicated to the universal abolition of the death penalty. Disclaimer: This blog was created to raise awareness and to encourage legitimate citizen actions to bring an end to the torturous executions in the USA. It does not, and never did advocate violence or retaliation against whoever participates in the legal lynchings of human beings. View all posts by The Pentobarbital Experiment

2 responses to “Lundbeck’s Pentobarbital kills its 20th patient in Arizona on July 19, 2011

  • Andy

    Lundbeck didn’t kill them, the US government who inject the death penalty syringe did. I think this discussion is very narrowminded, as I read it, Lundbeck do not support this. This drug is made for people with epilepsy and not made for execution, because the US government misuse this product, can’t be blamed on Lundbeck, if they remove this product hundred of thousands of people could die from their illness.. So please people, wake up and stop the witchhunt and start blaming the right people!

    • The Pentobarbital Experiment

      The narrow-minded party is Lundbeck, who did not initiate the misuse of its products to begin with but did absolutely NOTHING to prevent more sales to US DOCs for more than 6 months; and the only reason it did so, under pressure, was only to improve its corporate image and to stop losing shareholders. The issue at stake is not to stop the medical use for this product, but to stop the disgusting and murderous collusion of the health business, profits and human lives. There are several and well-established means to aptly control drug distribution, means that Lundbeck was already using for some of its other products sold in the US. Lundbeck’s criminal negligence is its own responsibility, nobody else’s and more people will die because of it. It’s a shameful behavior that should be sanctioned not only by the Danish authorities but also by the European Union.

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