The Ohio experiment with Gov. John Kasich as chief torturer

January 19, 2014 - The Ohio experiment with Gov. John Kasich as chief torturer

January 19, 2014 – The Ohio experiment with Gov. John Kasich as chief torturer

The urge to kill in the name of justice appears to have no limits in the United States. In the 21st century, the killing states continue to promote shamelessly the Nazi ideology. Although Karl Brandt has been dead since June 1948, his fan club continues to grow and his lethal injection invention is thriving.

To follow in his footpath, on January 16th, the state Ohio had a special celebration. To honor Karl Brandt, it experimented on Dennis McGuire, 53, and turned him into a guinea pig. This, of course, was done with impunity, under the seal of the law, and in the name of justice, so basically in our name!

Twenty-five minutes of agony for a man, yes a man, not a beast, or a guinea pig in a lab! The man’s family is planning to file a lawsuit to challenge this disgusting and unacceptable event. Hopefully the state of Ohio will have to admit that torture cannot be part of the execution process, as is stated in its Section 2949.22(A) of the Ohio Revised Code : “[A] death sentence shall be executed by causing the application to the person, upon whom the sentence was imposed, of a lethal injection of a drug or combination of drugs of sufficient dosage to quickly and painlessly cause death. The application of the drug or combination of drugs shall be continued until the person is dead.” As Jeff Gamso writes on his blog: “If that’s justice, I don’t want any part of it.”

A sentence of death does not mean an unnecessarily painful process, whether years or decades in solitary confinement or a lethal cocktail, which causes suffocation that we would not use for our pets.

Now is the time to voice your outrage and opposition to such practices, contact Governor Kasich to remind him he has no other choice but to enforce the law of his state and that justice cannot be the expression of vengeance. You can also sign this online petition calling for a moratorium on executions in Ohio.

Already the shame of the civilized world as it perpetuates vengeance instead of following any evolving standard of decency, the United States has now become the biggest promoter of torture under the sun and its medieval criminal justice system is revealing its true face for all to see.

Don’t simply feel outraged, ACT NOW!! Together we can stop the killing madness that continues to infect the “New World.”

Sincerely outraged,



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